About Me

Manjit Sohal Photographer

the story of a photographer

My aim is to produce photographs that you'll love, that fit the bill and show you off in your best light.

Over the years I have built up my skills in photography and developed my style so that I can produce photographs that you will suit your purpose.

I have over 10 years of experience in portrait photography, before this I worked in a broad range of organisations. After graduating from Art College I worked as a tailor for Hardy Aimes in London. I've worked for corporations, small businesses, government departments and charities in various capacity including administration and event management.. This has given me a grounding in the different ways that these sectors work and what's important to the people who work in them.

Besides photography, I like to think of myself as a pro nature gardener... well that's my excuse for the long grass that waves at me in place of a lawn in my garden. This might be why I go for long walks in the country to forget about my garden. The rest of my spare time is spent doing the mundane things in life that we all have to do and dreaming about the places in the world that I've yet to visit.

Manjit Sohal

"Manjit and I had great fun on a recent photo shoot we did for some headshots. Manjit makes you feel very relaxed and at the same time is professional, and lovely to work with."

—Sheree Owen, Sales Strategist